Monday, March 19, 2018

Weekend Stitching - Other Stuff on the Design Wall

The Scientist in Training is home for spring break, so we've been off doing some mom/daughter stuff most of the weekend.  My Guy tagged along a couple of times.  It's been a fun and relaxing weekend, but there hasn't been a lot of sewing room time.  Pretty much just my minimum of 15 minutes. So there is just a bit of progress on getting the Vintage Dress blocks sashed. 

 Vintage Dresses by Charise Randell

All the sashing pieces for the second row are finished.  The next step is to sew that row together. With just one weekend left in the month, it's going to be a challenge to get all the blocks sewn together.  Even if I don't make my March OMG, I'm happy there has been progress.  

There are some other projects up on the other design wall. 

On Ringo Lake, Bonnie Hunter 2017 Mystery Quilt  and  Squared Away Sampler
designed by Mari (The Academic Quilter) The 2018 Rainbow Scrap Challenge Project

My On Ringo Lake blocks are across the top, with a partial there on the left.  Leaders and enders can be a slow way to finish a project, but at least there's been steady project.  The green and white blocks in the middle of the wall is the first Squared Away block for March.  I've been stitching those HSTs in between the Vintage Dress sashing strips.  I haven't even chosen the fabrics for the next two Squared Away blocks, so those are likely to carry over to April.  

That's it for me this week.  Linking up with the usual suspects listed below:

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Week 11 of 2018: Stitching and De-stashing

Whoever invented weekends was a genius.  Have you ever looked into how weekends came to be?  According to my very quick Google search, Henry Ford (of Ford automobile fame) was an early proponent of 5 day work weeks.  The reason? His workers were his first customer base.  He decided that if his employees had two days off every week, they would have time to drive their cars places, which would result in more car sales.  I'm sure that wasn't the only driver for weekends, but it does make a good story. 

Since it's Sunday, it's time to look at how well the week went in terms of stitching a bit and using up some of that stash. 

I did pretty well on finding time to sew this week. 
Days with stitching this week: 6 out of 7 days
Days with stitching this month: 13 out of 17 days
Days with stitching this year: 69 out of 76 days
Success rate:  90.8%

A stomach bug bit me on Tuesday, so no sewing that day.  But otherwise I found time the rest of the week to get in at least my 15 minutes.  

Using up the stash has been going slow too.  The sashing for Vintage Dresses is slow going and doesn't use a lot of fabric.  But since there is no fabric coming in, the stash report is still looking pretty good. 

Fabric used this week: 0.36 yards
Fabric used in 2018: 15.17 yards
Fabric purchased in 2018: 0 yards
Net fabric out for 2018:  15.17 yards

So it's not been a bad week on either front.  Linking up with Quiltpaintcreate for the weekly stash report. 

The Scientist in Training is home for spring break.  We've got some mom/daughter stuff planned, so finding time to stitch will be a challenge this week.  But that's for next week's report.  How did you do this week at finding time to stitch? 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Stitching: Slow Going

Thank goodness for weekends.  It was nice to sit and catch my breath on Saturday.  A little laundry and a lot of sewing room time was a nice break from work.  Sunday was mainly spent setting up for the science demos for the local 5th graders.  My Guy is involved with that all this week.  I'll help out with the demos on Thursday and then help with break down and moving all the demo supplies back to storage.  

There wasn't a lot of sewing room time last week due to the business trip, but I did manage to get one row of sashing and one row of the Vintage Dress blocks all sewn together. 

Vintage Dresses by Charise Randell

I've made a start on the sashing for the next row of blocks.  It's slow going, but I like how the frames are working out.  

Not much progress on anything else as there as this project takes a lot of focus to get the right fabric in the right corner for the corner stone blocks.  

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Week 10 of 2018: De-stashing and Stitching

It was a busy week.  My two day business trip ended up being 3 days due to the snow in the northeast. Thankfully corporate travel was able to find me a hotel room at the last minute and I didn't have to spend Wednesday night in the airport.  After spending most of the day in the airport on Thursday, I was very happy to make it home that night.  But unfortunately, the travel and the exhaustion aftermath really impacted my efforts to find 15 minutes to stitch each day. 

I don't even attempt to take stitching with me on my business trips as keeping up with stuff in the office takes priority.  So this week's efforts to find 15 minutes each day to make progress on my quilting projects doesn't look so hot.  

Days with stitching this week:  4 out of 7 days
Days with stitching this month:  7 out of 10 days
Days with stitching this year:  63 out of 69 days
Success rate:  91.3%

My goal is to end up with a success rate of over 90% for the year, so even though the business trip set me back a bit, I'm still on track for the year.  How did you do on finding time to stitch?  You can link up at the bottom of the post. 

The stash report didn't fair so well either this week. 

Fabric used this week:  0.22 yards
Fabric used in 2018:  14.81 yards
Fabric purchased in 2018: 0 y
Net fabric out for 2018:  14.81 yards

Nothing in yet this year, so even with just a bit out, I'm happy on that front.  You can find more de-stashing discussions over at  Quiltpaintcreate.   

How are you doing with finding time to stitch?  Link up below to share your successes from the last week.  

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